About Me

I used to work as a research assistant at a university. I have a bachelor's degree in neuroscience. As much as science fascinates me, I was looking for a change of pace. That's why I started editing. It's a way for me to use my research skills and apply them to a new position. My husband is also writing a book, so the editing skills will come in handy there, too! Outside of work, I love playing games with friends and family, reading books (especially fantasy), and doing different DIY crafts around the house. 

I have a very supportive husband who has tolerated me showing him 800 iterations of my business ideas (thanks, babe!). We have five adorable fur babies; 2 cats - Rose and Keita - and 3 ferrets - Charlie, George, and Ginny Weasley. We also have a new family member! We recently rescued a dog named Petra. This is my first dog so it's very exciting. Unfortunately, this is an old family photo, so some members are missing. Sorry!

If you'd like to know more about me and my journey into editing, I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Phon from Edit Republic. You can view that here.

Why a manatee?

Now, some of you may wonder, why a manatee?

1. My brother thinks he’s hilarious and made a play on my name.
2. The name stuck because manatees are amazing animals.

They’re super nice and friendly. They’re curious but very chill animals. And that’s the type of person I want to be when working with people. This is your baby. I know how I feel when someone reads through my work. I'll make sure that I preserve your voice while giving polite, constructive feedback. 

You’re the one who built the world and researched different aspects of the story. I love reading about different topics, and I'll be rooting for your success.  I'm here so the readers can immerse themselves in your story and not have a little typo get in their way.